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We all have came across some Pop-ups right at the below end of the Visiting Pages of any Website. The Idea of a Software communicating with Humans with that Human Emotional tone Sounds Great isn’t it? Yes this is exactly why a term “CHATBOT" has emerged in recent times.

Today we’ll be building one such Chatbot, & not just any Chatbot for some E-Commerce, Retail or Business. We will be dealing with a Serious Issue that is Growing not just in India but in fact all around the World i.e. Mental Health. …

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When living in a Digital Age, all sorts of tasks have become easy after being Automated and switched to Online platforms. From shopping your favourite pair of sneakers Online on an E-Commerce website, or transferring amount to your Family, digital payments have played a vital role being a part of our day to day lives. Digital payments come in many forms, such as NEFT, Debit, Credits etc. But while making cash transfers, the Service owner of any business would ensure that the process is smooth without any Vulnerability. …

In times where Data is the new Oil, security is indeed an integral part of our lives. Well not just that, we don’t want that Friend of ours to 👀 into our Personal Chats whenever they have a go to check the selfie 🤳 that you clicked of theirs isn’t it?

You name it, be it WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram or any other messaging app that is popular among the charts on Playstore and App store have this feature named “End to End Encryption” that we all once in our initial days of using these Apps were curious about. …

Let’s face it, whether searching for a nearby Restaurant or fixing traveling schedule to overcome traffic to your daily Workplace commute, we’ve used Google Maps(or Apple maps) or any other related Maps service. But why wouldn’t a person hesitate to use it considering all the features such as real-time location,ETA (Estimated time of Arrival), Traffic Analysis, City view it provides.

Isn’t it fascinating on how accurately Maps would predict your location, update your Travelling Route all withing a blink of an eye?

That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at today in this Story debunking all the science behind Google Maps…

Imagine one fine day you’re surfing through your Home Page feed on YouTube, and somehow amidst of a busy frustrated schedule you’d come accross a newly recommended 🎹 play video, you play it and feel on how great 🎶 can be, but but but there’s a catch, it’s around 5+ years old and more suprisingly you’d open the comments section to meet all your Homies😎, and all the comments you’d see are about

YouTube in 2015 :- no
YouTube in 2016 :- no
YouTube in 2017 :- no
YouTube in 2018 :- no
YouTube in 2019 :- no

YouTube in…

The story began in 2004 when a group of Harvard Graduates(Mark Zuckerberg,Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes) began solving a problem for Students Interaction. It was supposed to be a social networking sites for College students in US, but gaining the popularity it grew and got public in 2006.And from there, the business kept growing on what now is nearly a trillion dollar worth company.

In recent Facebook stats, there are over 2 Billion users on Facebook where over 1.5 billion visit every single day. But there has to be some technology stack that handles such a…

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